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ROCHEM VAPTREAT LIQUID is a blend of synthetic polymers and de foaming agents designed to prevent deposit formation and foaming in high and low pressure evaporators.




Appearance ---------------- pale yellow liquid
Flash point ------------------ none
PH of 1% solution ---------- 9.2
Specific gravity ------------ 1.09




VAPTREAT LIQUID prevents scale by crystal distortion, dispersion, and absorption of scale forming minerals. --crystal distortion--- As soluble minerals are forced out of solution during evaporation hey go through an intermediate crystal stage before forming dense deposits.

VAPTREAT LIQUID reacts with the crystals causing them to be distorted and irregularly shaped. The distorted crystals do not form dense and unioform deposits which would adhere to evaporator surfaces.




VAPTREAT LIQUID disperses solid materials formed during evaporation by absorbing them into polymers. The polymer gives the absorbed particles like electrical charges causing them to repel each other and therefore preventing agglomeration and deposition.




VAPTREAT LIQUID should be fed continuously to the evaporator inlet line. VAPTREAT LIQUID can be diluted with fresh water and the feed solution introduced with an eductor or an positive displacement metering ppm.




The recommended dosage rate for VAPTREAT LIQUID is 5 to 10 ppm based on type, usage and operating conditions of the evaporator. Your ROCHEM service engineer will readily guide you on the correct dosage. It is preferred that the evaporator be clean and free of deposits before VAPTREAT LIQUID is introduced .

VAPTREAT LIQUID will clean up moderate amount of existing deposits. Double the dosage rates previously recommended during the clean up period.




No special precautions required. Use the same care as in handling other chemicals used for maintenance.





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