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Rochem Rocor OC is a combined dispersant and anti-foulant and corrosion inhibitor which is specially formulated for the prevention of scale, deposits and corrosion in open fresh water, cooling systems. It is formulated from polyphosphates, organophosphates and Polyacrylates.




Appearance : clear liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.10 to 1.20
Flash Point : None
Freezing Point : 0 Degrees Cent.




Rochem Rocor OC is intended for the cleaning and prevention of scale in open recirulating systems. It will disperse scale and corrosive products, silt etc. and can be used as an anti-foulant along with other treatments. Rochem Rocor OC can be applied in all types of open circulating fresh water cooling systems as it does not contain chromates, zinc or other metals.

Rochem Rocor OC does not affect nylon, neoprene or rubber jointings. This product does not require additional acid treatment, apart from some isolated cases.




* Clean surfaces - maximum heat transfer
* Maximum throughout - higher efficiency
* Less cleaning - reduced maintenance
* Less down time - increased production
* Non toxic - safe in use




Rochem Rocor OC is best fed continuously from the drum or from a stock dilution tank. The slug feed method can also be used.




The dosage required depends on the quality ;of the supply water and the cycles of concentration and will generally vary from 0.5 - 1 liter per 10 tons of cooling water, Control is by simple colourismetric test.




The cooling water regularly to be checked for pH, total hardness and chloride content, pH should be preferably 8.5 and total hardness and chloride content as low as possible. Determine total phosphate by Rochem Test Kit. This should be maintained between 20 and 30 ppm. Full technical service is available to support this product.




Rochem Rocor OC should not be taken internally and any skin and eye contamination should be washed off with copious amount of fresh water.





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