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ROCOR NB Liquid is the ideal corrosion inhibitor for closed heating or cooling systems, such as diesel engines, compressors, process cooling systems, etc.


Rocor NB Liquid is a non-chromate, non-phosphate, free flowing liquid that is extremely effective for controlling corrosion while avoiding the pollution and toxicity problems associated with chromate based inhibitors.




* Controls attack on piping, valves, pumps and heat exchangers by producing a protective film on all exposed metal surfaces - iron, steel, copper, copper alloys, aluminium and brass.

* Inherent Buffering agent automatically adjusts pH at the preferred level.

* Does not adversely affect pump glands, rubber hose, water seals, and valve packings.

* Prevents deposition of copper on ferrous surfaces by "tying up" any copper which might be introduced. This eliminates the possibility of attack caused when copper deposits on steel to form galvanic cells or corrosion couples.

* Compatible with alcohol and glycol base antifreezes.

* Does not contain chromate or produce colour in the treated water, thereby eliminating the possibility of stain.

* Liquid form simplifies usage and eliminates waste.




Feed the Rocor NB Liquid into any convenient point in the system with a chemical proportioning pump or slug feed by using an appropriate by-pass feeder. Rochem can supply suitable dosing equipment.




Concentration level in the system must not be allowed to drop below 1500 ppm as nitrite (N02). For economical reasons try to maintain nitrite evel between 1500 ppm to 2000 ppm although higher nitrite levels will not cause operating difficulties. Nitrite level is obtained by using a simple colourimetric test for nitrite.




Nitrite reading as ppm NO2 ROCOR NB Liquid required as ltrs per 1000 ltrs of water in system
0 - 300 14 Ltrs.
300 - 600 10 Ltrs.
600 - 900 8 Ltrs.
900 - 1200 5 Ltrs.
1200 - 1500 2 Ltrs
over - 1500 NONE

For example in untreated systems add 8.0 ltrs. of Rocor NB Liquid for every 1000 litres of water in the system and check (NO2) level with testkit after 4 hours. Adjust dosage as required after regular intervals.


TESTING (PROCEDURE) Refer to the Rochem technical date sheet for Nitrite testing.



* Use only cooling and feed water according to the requirements of the motor anufacturer.
* Check pH of cooling water regularly - pH should be maintained between 7.5 and 9.5.
* If the cooling water contains anti-freeze the above described test is not reliable.
* To check for hardness, chlorides, and pH, refer to the Rochem Technical Date sheet for Cooling Water tests.




Wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with skin and eyes when handling Rocor NB Liquid. In case of contact, immediately flush skin and eyes with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention





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