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ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING is a specially formulated cleaning compound for the marine and petroleum industries. It is unique in that it cleans by dispersing oil particles rather than emulsifying them into the wash water.

ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING is used for cleaning and gas freeing of cargo oil tanks, double bottom tanks, deep tanks, etc. aboard tankers or other vessels in port or at sea. It is particularly effective when used with automatic tank washing systems.


ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING'S major feature is it's specially designed surfactant system which enables it to clean without emulsifying, this permitting the immediate and complete separation of the chemical-oil-water solution. The surfactant system also has chemical adsorption characteristics which passivate steel and will therefore prevent "bloom" rust subsequent to the cleaning operation.




Appearance : clear brownish liquid
Specific Gravity 20°C : .84
Flash point PMCC : 71°C/160°F




ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING is designed to meet the ever increasing problem or wash water slop disposal.


* Effectively separates oil from wash water down to less than 5 ppm of oil in the water phase.

* Water phase non-toxic to fish.

* Oil phase free from water. Can be burned as fuel or returned to the refinery for reprocessing without problems.

* No emulsified interface to create slop disposal problems.
* ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING not only separates when used as a cleaning agent, but can be used in slop water containing oil to assist in the more rapid break-down of emulsified interfaces, and as a collection agent in waters containing low levels of free oil.




ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT is particularly effective over a broad range of oil spill conditions especially in areas which require exceptionally low toxicity. These include


* Floating oil on harbours, coastal water and inland waterways.
* Oil spills on ship decks, docks, piers beaches and land.
* Oil accumulation on pilings and dock support structures.


It is designed to quickly and easily disperse and eliminate the risk of pollution, fire and slippery hazards caused by the accidental spillage of oil.




A number of variables related to each individual cleaning operation can have a major influence on results. Rochem service engineers are available to review your problem, and make recommendations on dosage rates and methods of application.

For tanker upgrading excellent results have been achieved at 1 litre of TANKLEEN SEPARATING per 2 tons of hot seawater injected into the wash line as close to the after bulkhead as possible. Tank bottoms should be kept well stripped during the cleaning operation to prevent wash water from cushioning the force of the jet.




ROCHEM TANKLEEN SEPARATING is a blend of surface active agents and petroleum distillates. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with skin land eyes. In case of contact flush with plenty of water.




If separating properties are not required we recommend the use of our Tankleen "Standard" or "Heavy Duty" which are solvent emulsifying compounds.





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