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Rochem Sediment Remover is a highly effective liquid compound for the removal of sediments, slit and mud from ballast tanks, cooling water systems, pipe lines, etc.


Rochem Sediment Remover will keep mud in suspension and will clean fouled systems completely provided the appropriate dosage levels and application times are adhered to.


Rochem Sediment Remover is polymer based product. It does not contain acid, alkali or solvent, is completely biodegradable and has no flashpoint.




Rochem sediment remover should be injected in small quantities into the ballast or cooling water of the systems to be treated prior to filling the tanks or system. Mud present in the water is suspended by Rochem Sediment remover and as the stickiness is removed the mud will not adhere to either itself or to bulkheads tank structures or inside pipe lines.


If heavy deposits are present an increased dosage will remove a portion of the sediment after each application. Oily sludge, rust, scale, heavy course sand, etc. will not be removed by Rochem Sediment remover. Thick mud deposits will require several applications.




Maintenance dosage: 1 litre Rochem sediment Remover per each 10 tons of ballast water. For the removal of existing accumulations increase the dosage by 2 to 3 times depending on ballast time available and quantity of mud to be removed.




Inject Rochem Sediment Remover preferably into the suction line of the ballast or cooling water pump to ensure thorough mixing with the incoming water. If possible, circulate the water through the tanks and the suspended mud and silt will be pumped out when deballasting.




Though Rochem Sediment Remover is non toxic, spillages should be avoided as floors, decks etc. will become very slippery. Clean as soon as possible. Advisable to water gloves and goggles when handling.






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