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ROCHEM PENETROL is a fast acting penetrating oil with properties that allow it to soak into minute spaces. It dissolves iron oxide & loosens carbon deposits thus freeing frozen connections quickly.


ROCHEM PENETROL saves time and labour by releasing rusted bolts, nuts and joints. It is also an efficient means of removing rust, gum etc from any metal surfaces.




Appearance : Slightly Viscous.
Colour : Light Amber
Specific Gravity : 0.850
Oxidising Properties : None
Solubility in Water : Insoluble
Flash Point in 0 C : Above 65




ROCHEM PENETROL should be applied by brush, swab or spray.


Alternatively, the item to be freed should be left to soak in a suitable container filled with ROCHEM PENETROL. ROCHEM PENETROL also comes in easy to use aerosol cans. Dismantled parts that are to be stored can be thoroughly cleaned with ROCHEM PENETROL to prevent deterioration. For nuts, bolts and other corroded parts a few drops of ROCHEM PENETROL on the thread and nut is usually sufficient to free a seized thread.

Small rusty and soiled parts can be immersed in a tank, to remove rust scale and soiling i.e. grease, tar and oils. Use a brush or spray to prepare larger machinery parts for dismantling, to free nuts and bolts and clean parts. For protection against rust, brush or spray a coating over parts to be protected. Always use ROCHEM PENETROL neat.




· Liquid oil based products.
· Low-toxic, emits no toxic fumes or vapours.
· Fast acting penetration of rusty seized up parts.
· Avoids cutting or burning off bolts from engines or machinery.
· Keeps tools clean and rust free.
· Dismantling of assemblies seized up from rust and soiling.
· Cleaning of rusty and soiled metal parts.
· Protection of machinery parts and tools.




Do not leave in prolonged contact with the skin. Wash hands with soap and water after use. If product comes into contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. Induce vomiting if swallowed.





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