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ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT is a liquid compound developed to efficiently emulsify and disperse of spills from all surfaces. This product in type III dispersant free from Hydrocarbons & completely biodegradable. We have received approval from the National institute of Oceanography (NIO) CSIR Govt. of India for this product. This approval is for toxicity and efficiency conforming to their specifications Dispersants for Oil Spill Clean-up Operations at Sea, on Coastal Waters and Beaches.




ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT is particularly effective over a broad range of oil spill conditions especially in areas which require exceptionally low toxicity. These include


* Floating oil on harbours, coastal water and inland waterways.
* Oil spills on ship decks, docks, piers beaches and land.

* Oil accumulation on pilings and dock support structures.


It is designed to quickly and easily disperse and eliminate the risk of pollution, fire and slippery hazards caused by the accidental spillage of oil.




ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT is ready for application directly from the barrel land can applied by pressure spray ejector nozzle jet, mopping or brushing in to oily surfaces.


Spraying :


For oil spills on water, decks, docks and beaches the most economical results are obtained by the following procedure :


(1) Thoroughly wet the oil by spraying OIL SPILL DISPERSANT through a pressure device.
Keep the spray moving in a progressive pattern so as to avoid washing the product.

(2) Allow the OIL SPILL DISPERSANT to combine with the oil for 15 to 30 minutes.

(3) Then emulsify the mixture by agitating it with a fire jet spray of salt or fresh cold water. On water the propeller action of a launch is also effective for agitating the mixture. (Agitation is most important for efficient usage).


Ejector Nozzle Jet :


For large oil spills which must be dealt with quickly. It is advisable to use an ejector nozzle attached to a fire house. The ejector nozzle draws the OIL SPILL DISPERSANT into the jet stream when is then directed at the oil-spill in a progressive pattern. The force of the jet ensures agitation.


Mopping & Brushing :

If spraying equipment is not available or for small spills on ships decks, docks, and piers the following method can be used. Pour OIL SPILL DISPERSANT on the oil spill and mix thoroughly with a mop, broom or brush. Then add salt water or fresh water and continue mixing. When the oil is completely emulsified, nose with water. Also for removing accumulations of oil from pilings and dock support structures scrubbing with a large stiff brush may be necessary after first trying the spray method.





The amount of labour and OIL DISPERSANT required for clean up can be substantially reduced if the response to an oil spill is quick and effective action. Obviously, it is easier to treat and oil spill on deck or on lthe dock than after it has escaped into the water. Less obvious is the fact that oil which has been standing for a period of time especially, if it is has been subjected to sunlight, will lose much of the solvent content and will change into a viscous substance that is much more difficult to remove than a fresh spill. Consequently it is worth-while to be prepared by keeping equipment and sufficient ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT on hand for emergencies. You ROCHEM Service Engineer is available night and day to assist you in obtaining and applying ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT.




ROCHEM OIL SPILL DISPERSANT is designed to disperse from 20 to 30 times its own volume of heavy petroleum oil.




Although this product is not dangerous to health, prolonged contract with skin and eyes can cause irritation.






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