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ROCHEM FORE & AFT is a safe multi-purpose cleaner designed to degrease and remove soils from metal, painted, plastic and cement surfaces.

ROCHEM FORE & AFT has been formulated specially for use in marine and heavy industrial environments by using a natural citrus oil solvent along with surfactant formulations, has given a superior high quality cleaner degreasor, having no petroleum or chlorinated solvents. Its unique feature is the use of a detergent system which performs under brackish or salt water conditions. ROCHEM FORE & AFT is a non caustic, non-toxic water based and is fully biodegradable alkaline cleaner.




Appearance : Clear blue liquid.
Sp. Gravity 20°C : 1.1
pH(10%solution) : 13 - 14
Flash point : None
Freezing : -2°C




ROCHEM FORE & AFT is used in the engine room for the removal of oil, grime, exhaust gas deposit, cleaning of fuel and lubricating oil separator plates etc. It will not affect the operation of oil water separator. Furthermore for the cleaning of ferry car decks and dockheads, if contaminated with car or lorry exhaust fumes, passenger accommodation stained with grime or nicotine, or any area requiring soogy work to remove deposits. Also used in industrial applications to clean machinery, machinery parts, factory, warehouse or garage floors.




Mix the preferable warm fresh water at a ratio of 1-5 to 1-20 depending on degree of soiling. For the removal of heavy deposits apply neat and after allowing time to penetrate (approximately 5 minutes) hose, flush or mop down with hot or cold water.




* Hand soogee liquid (wearing gloves) - 5 percent solution in hot fresh water. This will remove exhaust deposits from paintwork plus oil and grease, etc.

* Boil-out compound 5 to 10 percent solution with fresh water when no free caustic is allowed.

* High pressure machine, the dosage should be 1 percent or less to avoid the product drying on the area that is being cleaned.



Product contains alkaline materials. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not breathe vapour or spray. Use with adequate ventilation. In case of contact rinse with plenty of water.





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