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Rochem Extra-Edge is a multi-purpose cleaner specifically formulated to meet the marine industry’s requirements for cleaning action, safety and environmental considerations. This product combines heavy-duty cleaning ingredients with fast penetrating wetting agents for the power needed to remove stubborn soils, while remaining mild enough not to harm most surfaces. Rochem Extra-Edge provides an excellent alternative to traditional solvent-based and highly alkaline cleaners.

Rochem Extra-Edge is excellent for cargo tank cleaning of animal and vegetable oils, fats and white mineral oils, and it is suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning.

Rochem Extra-Edge is a versatile cleaner, especially well suited for machine cleaning and for use in high-pressure spray guns. It is an excellent cleaner for general deck, engine room and steward uses, such as cleaning bulkheads, tank tops, bilges, machinery, engines, tools, hotel services, galley, etc.
Rochem Extra-Edge conforms to the requirements of Paragraph 1.8.2 of the Procedures & Arrangements Standards of IMO Bulk Liquids and Gases (BLG) Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH).



Appearance               :           Clear Liquid
Colour                        :           Amber
pH                               :           12.5 + 0.50
Specific Gravity         :           1.02 + 0.05
Flash Point                :           None
Solubility in water     :           Soluble in water





1. Suitable for disposal at sea when cargo tank residues are disposable at sea.
2. Contains no petroleum-based solvents.
3. Suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning.
4. Non-flammable.
5. Leaves no oily film.
6. Free rinsing.
7. Safe to use. Does not require special handling or storing.
8. Concentrated blend of powerful detergents and wetting agents.
9. Economical to use.
10. Effective for multi purpose cleaning.
11. Versatile and easy to use Soluble with fresh or seawater.
12. Safe for epoxy and zinc silicate coatings.





For cargo tank washing using a mechanical recirculation method, Rochem Extra-Edge should be injected and used at a rate of 2-8 liters per ton of water. It can also be used for manual spray and direct injection tank cleaning methods. It is suitable for use when hydrocarbon-free cleaning is required. When diluted, Rochem Extra-Edge is suitable for zinc silicate-coated tanks (<10% solution).


For general degreasing and cleaning, apply Rochem Extra-Edge with a 2-10% concentration in water (from 1 to 10-50 parts water) to the surface to be cleaned by brushing or swabbing. Allow cleaner to penetrate and lift the product for approximately five minutes, then rinse with water to provide a clean, film-free surface.


When mechanically cleaning with high-pressure spray equipment, apply Rochem Extra-Edge with a 0.5% concentration in water (1 part Extra-Edge cleaner to 200 parts water).




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