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This product is Non Caustic / Non Alkali based and does not require any extra precautions while using. This product has a flash point of 68°C


Rochem Ecofriend is a non caustic heavy duty alkaline cleaning solution. It is a new-generation water-based general purpose cleaner with powerful penetrating agents to meet the Marine Industry's strict requirements for environment friendliness, safety and performance.


Rochem Ecofriend with its unique blend of cleaning agents is non flammable and is an ideal cleaning agent for a Ship decks, Engine Room floor plates, Workshop floors and offshore, hotel and galley applications.


This product is also compatible for a broad range of ultrasonic cleaning applications.




Appearance : Clear, Colourless Liquid.

Specific Gravity : 1.05 ± 0.05.
pH : 10.0 - 11.0.

Flash Point : N/A

Solubility : Complete in fresh or seawater



For general purpose cleaning: Apply Rochem Ecofriend as 5 to 25 % solutions to soiled surface by brushing, swabbing, or spraying. Allow Rochem Ecofriend to penetrate and work into soil for several minutes, scrub, then rinse with water to provide a clean, film-free surface. Rochem Ecofriend works best when used with warm water 40-60 0C.

For Ultrasonic cleaning: Use Rochem Ecofriend as 20 % solution in fresh water for all types of ultrasonic cleaning. Heating of solution to 50-70 0C is required for best results. Cleaning time required varies from 10-30 minutes for filters, though more fouled parts may take longer. It is recommended to preclean parts and remove heavy dirt and grease/oil before placing in the cleaning solution. This will also enhance the active lifetime of the product.




· Will not persist in the environment
· Can deodorize
· Compatible with fresh and sea water
· Leaves no oily film
· Safe on all metals and alloys.
· Non Caustic
· Biodegradable
· Very economical
· Non-flammable. Does not need any special handling or storing.




DECK : Soot stains, Cleaning of bulkhead, Tank Tops, decks tools, Deodorizing
tanks, Precleaning prior to painting.
GALLEY : Mess area, table tops, floors, Grills, ovens, bulkhead, refrigeration
room, louvers.
HOTEL/ACCOMODATION : Crew quarters, Showers, toilet, sinks, Floors, Bulkheads, Exhaust housing surfaces, Decktops, Portholes




No special precautions required. Use the same care as in handling other chemicals used for maintenance.





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