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ROCHEM DIESELITE is a liquid fuel additive consisting of highly effective organic and inorganic compounds. It has been developed specifically to prevent ash residues and sulphur corrosion at the exhaust valves of diesel engines burning heavy fuels. ROCHEM DIESELITE improves the efficiency of the plant and reduces maintenance costs.




Medium speed, four stroke diesel engines are currently fuelled by heavy oils of 400-1500 Redwood sec. Viscosity. Slow speed valve controlled two stroke diesel engines burn heavy oils up to 3500 Redwood sec. Viscosity. An endeavour is being made to employ still heavier fuels.

In heavy oil there are some 25 elements, but the main problems are caused by vanadium, sodium and sulphur compounds. These lead to the formation of layers of ash and corrosion at the other valves.

ROCHEM DIESELITE meets these problems by effectively raising the V25 melting point and inhibiting the oxidation from SO2 to SO3.


V2o5 melts at 675 C. Sodium lowers the ash melting point so far that eutectics of certain vanadium compounds show melting points below 600 C i.e. in the range of the outlet valve seating temperatures.


The effective ingredients contained in ROCHEM DIESELITE deprive the sodium of the possibility of forming a low melting compound with the vanadium. The result is a high melting, stable, compound which effectively prevents the formation of a coating on the outlet valve seatings. Vanadium pentoxide functions during the combustion process as a catalyst for the raising of the oxidation of the sulphur from SO2 to SO3.




The advantages of using ROCHEM DIESELITE are consequently.
1. Longer service life for the outlet valves.
2. Reduction in maintenance costs
3. Reduction of fouling of the exhaust channels.
4. Prevention of corrosion.
5. A raising of the overall operational efficiency of the plant.



ROCHEM DIESELITE is completely soluble in heavy oil, and will not separate out or be washed out with water.

ROCHEM DIESELITE is added to the day tank or fed into the fuel oil line with aid of an injection pump. Keep drums tightly closed after use.




ROCHEM DIESELITE is applied, at the rate of 1 : 6000 where the fuel has low ash content, otherwise based on the contents of vanadium, sodium and sulphur in the fuel, in ratios of 1 : 1000 to 1 : 4000, i.e. 1 litre of additive to 1,000-4,000 litres of fuel.




The skin and eyes must be protected. In the event of contract, wash liberally with water. Keep receptacles tightly closed after use.






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