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ROCHEM DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY is a highly concentrated emulsifying solvent that quickly penetrates oil and grease deposits forming an emulsion that turns milky white and rinses away when washed with water. Surfaces will rinse freely whether the water is hot or cold, salt or fresh.


With a flash point over 65°C (150°F) ROCHEM DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY minimizes fire hazards that are present when other more volatile products are used. It is so easy and efficient to use that is much more economical and faster than hand scrubbing operations. ROCHEM DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY does not corrode metals.




Dirt, oil, grease and grime are rapidly emulsified and rinsed away from aluminium, brass, steel, cast iron, chrome plate, porcelain, glass, painted surfaces, stone, cement and wood.

DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY is regularly used for cleaning tanks, bilges, floor plates, tank tops and machinery spaces; in factories for cleaning machinery, manufactures parts, engines, motors, conveyors, floor etc. ; by contractors for cleaning road building machinery, scrapers, mixers, bulldozers, cranes, trunks, equipment etc. on farms, garages and services stations for cleaning motors and machine parts, chassis and wheels, pits and floors, oil floors, oil drums, tractors, trucks, and other equipments; everywhere dirt, oil, grease and grime accumulate




ROCHEM DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY is applied undiluted by spraying, brushing, soaking, dipping, rubbing, or mopping. Spraying is used for cold cleaning interiors of oil storage tanks or where surfaces to be cleaned are irregular.


After spraying, DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY should be allowed to remain from 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. If a dry surface is not required it is not necessary to rinse with water. Brushing or mopping is used with DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY for removing oil from decks, plers, and other large areas.

Dipping and soaking in unheated DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY is the most economical way of cleaning small or large parts. Rubbing with a soft cloth or sponge soaked with DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY is an easy and quick method of cleaning large parts and painted surfaces. Steam cleaning can be speeded up by spraying with DEGREASOL HEAVY DUTY a few minutes prior to steam lancing.




Do not take internally as it is harmful if swallowed.. Use with adequate ventilation as the concentrated vapour could be harmful. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and get medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.





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