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ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT is a liquid blend of boiler water treatment chemicals designed to protect low pressure auxiliary and fire tube boilers against scale and corrosion.




Appearance : Clear Solution
Flash Point : None
pH : 13.5
Sp. Gravity : 1.1




ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT is designed to achieve the maximum degree of boiler protection with a minimum of chemical testing and feed procedures. The system is designed to meet the operating conditions for the low pressure steam generator not requiring the more sophisticated testing and feed procedures.




ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT incorporates all water treatment chemicals in one liquid formulation that can be fed directly from the drum.


* Oxygen Scavenger : To chemically react with dissolved oxygen there by preventing oxygen" pitting"corrosion.

* Synthetic Polymers and Alkalinity Control Agents : To chemically react with scale forming minerals forming a non-adherent sludge easily removed by blowdown. These materials also protect against the adherence of oily deposits introduced by oil contamination.

* Defoamer: A defoamer has been incorporated into the formulation to help in the production of clean steam and to prevent the problems associated with the carryover of solids into steam traps and valve.




ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT can be fed neat to the boiler or can be diluted to any convenient strength. The treatment can be shot fed to any convenient point in the feed water circuit. As a guideline to establishing control on an untreated boiler, feed 2 litres or 4 pints of treatment per ton of boiler water. Adjust feed from then on in accordance with the periodic alkalinity test procedure. If 'p' Alkalinity is above 400ppm decrease treatment.




ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT TEST KIT consists of two easy to use portable kits. One to record 'P'Alkalinity which indicates that sufficient treatment has been added and one to record Chlorides to control blowdown.




Blowdown the low pressure steam generator one a day. For optimum control over boiler water solids if conditions such as high feedwater solids or make-up water requirements are encountered. A Rochem Conductivity Bridge is recommended for maintaining TDS at acceptable levels.




ROCHEM ONE SHOT BWT contains alkaline materials and care should be taken avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, immediately flush skin and eyes with plenty of water for 15 mts. Get medical attention.




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