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ROCHEM ALKLEEN products are heavy duty alkaline cleaners, containing specially selected sequestrants, powerful synthetic detergents, alkaline salts and soaps, which enables rapid penetration and economical removal of oil and grease films by saponification and emulsification. Not corrosive to ferrous metals and epoxy coating, although should not be used with aluminum, magnesium and zinc silicate tank coatings.




ROCHEM ALKLEEN can be used in any of four equally effective ways depending on the availability of time, man power, heat and mechanical spray equipment. All methods require a dosage of 3 to 5 per cent Alkleen Liquid mixed in FRESH WATER, heated to a temperature of 130 oF 180 oF (55 oC to 85 oC) After surfaces are clean the tank should be drained and rinsed with either fresh or salt water.


1. Steam Soaking Method - this method will completely remove oil and fat from all tank surfaces, converting it to a milky emulsion which may be pumped overboard as it disperses freely in water. Man-hours are minimal by this method.


2. Hot Wash Down Method - this method is preferred when time is a factor. The omplete operation can be performed in about one-third the time. This method required more man-hours.

3. Hot Soaking Method - when time is not a factor this method can be used to remove oil and fat residue. Rolling motion of vessel provides agitation while on route from on port to another. Steam must be available to maintain the solution at a specific temperature.


4. Rotating Spray Method - in tanks equipped with rotating spray heads, ROCHEM ALKLEEN will greatly speed up cleaning operation, thereby reducing man-hours, steam and excessive equipment wear. Surface treated should be washed down afterwards with sea or fresh water




* Removal of fatty acid oil, fish oil and oxidized oil residues from cargo and storage tanks on ships, rail-road tank cars, tank trucks, depots and manufacturing plants .
* Very effective for removal hardened oxidized oil films.
* In special cases for cleaning from mineral oils and solvents.
* It is also used for a final treatment in tanks which are to be cleaned from black to white or grain.
* To remove oil from boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, and engine parts.




1. Reduces down time.
2. Cost less than manual cleaning
3. Easy to use.
4. Provides cleaner surfaces with a minimum of manual labour.
5. Permits immediate entry into tanks for inspection and repairs.
6. Versatility of application.




ROCHEM ALKLEEN is uniquely suited for removing oil, carbon and greasy compounds that accumulate on the steam sides of condensers and heat exchangers efficiently, economically and thoroughly. They are ideal for use in Steam Jennys or steam guns, as well as removing slime from the salt water side of condensers and removing oil from the water side of boilers.


They are very effective for preventing fermentations in septic and sanitary tanks. They keep the contents of these tanks in a soluble state so that the tank can be discharged and cleaned easily. ALKLEEN products consist of strong alkaline compounds thus proper safety precautions must be exercised.




Our field service representatives have accumulated a wealth of valuable information on the most practical and effective uses of ALKLEEN. They will be happy to give you specific assistance on the best procedure, quantities of ALKLEEN required, solution strength and any other questions you may have for your cleaning operation.




When handling the material. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. When handling, wear rubber clothing gloves and face shield. Do not take internally. In case of contact, immediately flush skin or eves with plenty of water for at lease 15 minutes for eyes consult a physician.





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