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Rochem Sanitizer is a unique blend of biological active bacterial strains, biodegradable surfactants and sequestering agents specifically formulated to replace aggressive, toxic toilet cleaners that can adversely affect the operation of the sewage treatment plant by killing the naturally occurring bacteria essential for its operation. Conventional toilet cleaners also cause foaming which can destroy the vacuum in vacuum operated sanitary systems. This problem doesn’t arise with Rochem Sanitizer because of its low foaming properties.




1. Appearance              :           Blue slightly viscous Liquid

2. Odour                         :           Pleasantly perfumed

3. Special Gravity         :           1.01

4. pH                                :           8.05

5. Solubility                    :           Completely soluble in water




Rochem Sanitizer effectively cleans the toilets and and doses millions of selected safe bacteria into the sanitary system, which enhance the biological activity thus reducing solids and odors.
Rochem Sanitizer provides penetration, breakdown and degradation of grease, fats, starch and other organic compounds. It also enhances the degradation of paper, protein, waster product residuals etc.

1. Biodegradable. Suitable for all marine sewage systems.

2. Specially useful for cleaning -

    • Toilets
    • Sinks
    • Showers
    • Slow running waste water drain lines.
    • 3. Water based, environment friendly.
    • 4. Free of harsh chemical compounds normally associated with acid and caustic drain openers.




Rochem Sanitizer should be used as a normal toilet cleaner. After a few minutes of spraying the toilet bowl with Rochem Sanitizer, scrub vigorously with a toilet brush and then flush with water.
  • In case where there is heavy fouling and blockages in the system : Use “Undiluted” one ltr. of Rochem Sanitizor for 5 cm drain diameter. Repeat the operation, if necessary.
  • In case of foul smell and to keep systems free flowing:  30-40% in water solution canbe used daily.





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