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RO 222


ROCHEM RO 222 is a combined dispersant and anti-foulant and corrosion inhibitor which is specially formulated for the prevention of inorganic scale and deposits on membrane surfaces.  It inhibits deposition of Ca/Mg salts (Carbonates / Sulfates), Barium sulfate and other low solubility salts which are responsible for deposition of scales on surfaces.  This low molecular weight polymer shows good activity over wide range of pH, high hardness, chlorides and temperature without precipitation.





Appearance     :           Clear Solution
Nature               :           Acrylic Homopolymer
Grade                :           Partial Sodium Salt
Av.Mol. Wt.        :           2000
Solid Content  :           30%
pH                     :           Acidic
Sp. gravity        :           1.15 (K 0.02)





ROCHEM RO 222 is intended for the cleaning and prevention of scale on membrane surfaces.  It will disperse scale and corrosive products, silt etc and can be used as an anti-foulant along with other treatments.
It is compatible with all types of membranes as it does not contain chromates, zinc or other metals.

It does not affect nylon, neoprene or rubber jointings and does not require additional acid treatment.




Clean surfaces                       :          Maximum heat transfer
Maximum throughput             :          higher efficiency
Less cleaning                         :          reduced maintenance
Less down time                     :          increased production
Non toxic                                  :          safe in use
Compatible with all membranes : Easy to use





ROCHEM RO 222 is miscible with water in all proportions. It can be applied neat or in solution in a minimum ratio of 1:9 i.e one liter of ROCHEM RO 222 to every 9 liters of water. ROCHEM RO 222 should be fed by a continuous dosing method to the feed water.




ROCHEM RO 222 should not be taken internally and any skin and eye contamination should be washed off with copious amount of fresh water. Product is corrosive in concentrated form.






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