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ROCHEM CARBON REMOVER is a liquid compound with extremely high solvency and penetrating capabilities to remove carbonaceous residue formed by fuel and lube oil and other petroleum products exposed to high temperatures.

Rochem 3512 is a heavy duty liquid compound specially designed to remove Carbonaceous residue formed by oil and other petroleum products. It has extremely high solvency and penetrating powers, yet remains economical and safe normal usage ROCHEM 3512 is neither acidic nor basic, has a high flash point and is non-corrosive to metals. It can used either with or without heat.




Colour - Dirty Brown
Consistency - Liquid
Sp. Gravity - 1.08
PH - neutral
Viscosity at 40 C by R.W. No. 1 - @ 40 Seconds.


ROCHEM 3512 is delivered ready for use, it is equally efficient for in-place cleaning (CIRCULATION METHOD) and for soaking of individual parts (DIP TANK METHOD). It may be desirable to heat ROCHEM 3512 if you encounter heavy carbon deposits or if rapid cleaning is necessary. Heating to 49 C (120 F) will quadruple the solvency power. However, it is recommended that the temperature not exceed 60 C (140 F). Nor should heat be used in an enclosed or unventilated area.




There are two methods viz. Dip Tank Method and Circulation Method.




Simply immerse the parts to be cleaned into a suitable container filled with ROCHEM 3512. Hang the objects in a wire basket or from a wire so they are off the bottom and completely covered by the ROCHEM 3512. When clean rinse the parts with water or solvent. Stubborn deposits can be brushed away with a stiff ;bristle brush once they have been softened by the ROCHEM 3512. To reduce soaking time use heat as above. To prevent sludging in soak tank and to prolong the effective strength of the ROCHEM 3512 all loose grease, dirt and oil should be removed with ROCHEM DEGREASOL, degreasing solvent, steam or water before soaking items in the ROCHEM 3512.




Remove excess oil remaining in the fuel oil heating to be cleaned by blowing air or stem through the oil side. Connect the recirculation systems which requires a circulation pump. ROCHEM 3512 reservoir, and temporary hoses or pipes (connect house from reservoir, to suction side of pump, connect hose from pump discharge to fuel oil heater, and connect hose from opposite end of fuel oil heater back to reservoir). Circulate the ROCHEM 3512 from 4 to 24 hours, depending on the type of deposit to be removed, as well as temperature of the ROCHEM 3512. When completed, drain the ROCHEM 3512 to the reservoir, then flush the unit with flushing oil, steam or water, if stream is required admit steam to the steam side of the heater.

After extensive use, the ROCHEM 3512 will likely become contaminated with sludge and deposits. At this time pour off the liquid clean the deposits from the tank, then return the liquid adding new ROCHEM 3512 to make up for that which was used.




When using ROCHEM 3512, ensure adequate ventilation and keep away from extreme heat or open flame. Avoid breathing vapours and do not take internally. Do not let eyes, skin or clothing come in contact with the liquid. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. If contacted with skin or eyes rinse thoroughly and get medical attention for eyes. Keep away from children.




As regards the disposal of the waste after treatment following points are to be considered.
(a) Strong odour of the products and the sludge. The part of treated solutions should be dumped in a deep dumping place where the waste can be made ineffective.





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